One wallet for all your Crypto and NFTs

Buy, sell and send all crptocurrencies and NFTs. Box wallet is a multichain wallet.

Box Wallet

No Account Required

Decentralized Exchange

Multichain Wallet

Box Wallet is a Next-generation Smart Wallet that Supports The Following Features :

Multichain Wallet

Boxwallet is multichain-supported. User can manage their cross-chain assets from this wallet. No need to use different wallets for the different chains.

Integrated Bridges

Safely bridge Crypto between blockchains within Box Wallet.

Decentralized Exchange

Centralized exchange is not secure completely. Box Wallet is providing DEX where user can trade like CEX spot trading.


Put your tokens to work by staking your $BOXW. Lock up your tokens for extra rewards.


Buy and sell cryptocurrency chains like Ethereum, Avalanche, Bitcoin, Cardano, Polygon and more.


Earn rewards by completing various missions and inviting your friends.

These features provide unparalleled flexibility for users who wish to make the most of their crypto assets.

BoxWallet Bot

Box Wallet Bot is a very functional bot that allows you to perform many transactions just like in CEX.

Creating Limit Orders
AI Integrated Buy/Sell Bot
Catch the Pre-Sales